Premises, change and an improved self

There is a saying that every New Year brings within itself a new possibility for change. Even though the most skeptical ones defend that change can come whenever we decide, the human being holds to this premise with the same strength a little kid holds on to their balloon as they walk around the carnival. Everyone knows that the New Year does not raise the chances of change if one doesn’t work for that. But we still believe in it. Because, somehow, in our little twisted minds, sharing such a strong and big belief with the rest of the World brings out something bigger: the premise of believing in ourselves. And that is the soul of change.

2015 is a new year and it’s going to be a good one. This year, our scars will heal and the stories behind them will be left behind as our skin regenerates. This year, we are brand new. Every breath we take, we get a second chance to become better, to fight for our biggest wish, to grow up into the person we want to be. We stop being scared of the freezing water that stubbornly tries to surround our feet with its arms, we force our feet to give one more step forward to the top of the hill, we look into the monster’s eyes as a warning that we are ready to fight and we don’t look for a reason on why our shoes are filled with dirt and our knuckles are white. We are ready for a change. We are ready to fight. We are ready to get new scars, we are ready to be knocked-out, our throats are ready to scream. We are ready to be scared. We are not afraid of being scared anymore. Because we know that this is a fight we ought to ourselves.

Maybe it’s the unscientific premise that a strength to change comes with the New Year. Maybe it’s our mind telling us that we are exhausted of being scared. Maybe it’s the voice inside our heads telling us that we have already lost ourselves the year before. Maybe it’s our heart and soul telling us that we are ready. Whatever it is it is here and it is not to be ignored. So this is the year. The year we stand on our own two feet, roll up our sleeves and show the World the strength we have been hiding within our minds. The year we commit not to lose ourselves. The year we remember we are worth the battle. The year we know we can because we want to. The year we stop comparing ourselves to other warriors and raise our own uniqueness. The year we transform the threatening trees into motivating, thrilling and inspiring plants. The year we allow them to grow and challenge us. The year we start believing. In a premise. In us. The year we find the light within ourselves. The year we allow that light to come out from our cracks and illuminate our own World. The year we discover that the monsters we feared are just shadows. The year we fight. The year we don’t give up. The year we are happy.

This one is for the lonely, the ones who try every day to fight their own monsters, the ones that seek their dreams. This one is for the ones who are tired of being let down, the ones who are surprised with their strength, the ones who believe. This is for the ones who fall and try again. For the ones who need help. This one is for the ones who believe. For the ones who want. For the fighters and the future ones. Cheers to you!

Love, love, love. x

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