Girl Meets... London

We travel for romance, we travel for architecture, and we travel to be lost.” 
Ray Bradbury

The calendar had announced the arrival of Autumn, but the Sun was still to get the memo, distracting itself with the leaves swirling around the trees' branchesInside the house, I was sitting on my coach, booking a flight to London for that very same week. The excitment of going back to one of my favourite cities danced through my veins, allowing two imaginary hands to cover my ears and ignore the pleas of my anxiety to not do anything rushed.

Things I have learned from... Harry Potter

One afternoon, J. K. Rowling sat on a coffee house and allowed her hands to dance above the keys of her typewriter.* She had an idea in her head, a premise that would bring every generation and every skeptical mind together. A story about a little boy that thought he was alone in the World. A story about courage, about friendship, about loyalty. A story about love. A story about not giving up. A story about hope. For over ten years, she allowed her imagination to wander and her fingers to create one of the most beautiful songs a generation has ever heard.

Premises, change and an improved self

There is a saying that every New Year brings within itself a new possibility for change. Even though the most skeptical ones defend that change can come whenever we decide, the human being holds to this premise with the same strength a little kid holds on to their balloon as they walk around the carnival. Everyone knows that the New Year does not raise the chances of change if one doesn’t work for that. But we still believe in it. Because, somehow, in our little twisted minds, sharing such a strong and big belief with the rest of the World brings out something bigger: the premise of believing in ourselves. And that is the soul of change.