Spoiler: this post was written under the influence of kindness.

The definition of kindness does not change much if you overlook it in different dictionaries. Overall, everyone believes that kindness is the quality of being generous, friendly and considerate towards others. Its easy definition and catchy key words, however, are not directly linked to a greater use of this attribute. You don't need to reach further into your conscience to point out at least one of the many excuses human beings use to explain the lack of kindness in the World: being busy, being stressed, being worried, being angry, sad or tired, forgetting it in general. However, if you ask those same people what they feel when they receive an act of kindness from another person, it is more than likely that they will name at least one positive emotion. Because that is what kindness and love and consideration do to people: they make you feel good about yourself, they make you feel loved, they make you reach for that true smile hidden amidst seriousness. So, if it is scientifcally proven that something is good for you, why not get it on a regular basis? Not only that, why wait for someone to give it to you when you can give it to other people and still experience happy emotions?