Five minutes with... Inês

Wanderlust... It translates into something that means a lot to me.
(Inês Almeida, 2014)

When the idea of having a blog was still struggling with finding coherence in my mind, I stumbled upon Inês' Facebook. She had just published some photos from her new work and, as always, I was amazed. So an idea crossed my mind: why not interview her? Ever since my love for analogue started to blossom, she has been one of the few people I look up for how capture the most beautiful moments.

The day I interviewed her, I had one of the most wonderful conversations about life's challenges and adventures. As I read her answers over and over again, I felt proud. Proud that I chose her to be the first person I have interviewed for Oh Kori.

Inês... It was a honour to interview you.

1. Who is Inês?
Inês is a 20 years old girl who has always been curious about many areas - idioms, arts and science. She grew up with the urge to change the World around her and she is always unresigned. She chose to go to nursing school (she is in her third year) but her interest in art is still there. She think everyone should be polyvalent and go beyond their work area.

2. How - and when - did your love for photography start?
This one is easy. My love for photography is genetic, I got it from my dad. He has always been my inspiration and, since I remember, I’ve always had cameras around me. When I was twelve, my dad realized that photography was my addiction and got me a Pental slr digital - one of the big ones. Honestly, I couldn’t figure how it worked for a while, so I would only take pictures in the automatic mode and macro. I travelled around Africa a lot with my parents and that is when I found out another fascinating type of photography: photojournalism. Anyway, until I was 17, this type of photography satisfied me, although I felt like something was missing and I couldn’t figure out what. When I started photographing in analog, I felt in my element. I stopped photographing in automatic mode and the final result was more to my preference.

3. Analogue photography is not something very popular nowadays, especially since the iPhone became, for many, the new camera. What made you fall in love with this type of art?
For starters, the control I have with the aperture, the shutter speed and exposure time. I was never interested in manipulating these things in a digital camera. Then, the final colours. Raise your hand if you have never edited your digital pictures to give them the analogue effect. Then, it’s the surprise effect. The anxiety that comes from waiting for the printed pictures and the instant passion - or deception - when you see them. The analogue is a boom of sensations. It makes me feel happy, alive. It’s a true passion and it is growing, for more people keep joining this type of photography. I see that by ‘Film Never Dies’ and it makes me feel so good!

4. What do you look for when you have your camera ready to shoot and capture moments? What is the message you want to pass to the ones who will, afterwards, see your work?
When I am capturing moments, I never think about my audience. I take pictures for me, for my preference. I’ve never photographed for anyone, nor do I think that would work.
When I share my photos in my social network, I want people to get into the story I am telling. Every photo-shoot, every picture… It tells a story. I want them to feel like they are inside of a book with beautiful illustrations. I want to them to feel inspired, to smile every time they see my pictures, but, at the same time, to value Nature. I don’t want to be understood. In my opinion, art should not be understood. It should be the result of each person’s interpretation.

5. Do you have any inspiration in this World? Someone whose work inspires you and with which you relate to?
My biggest inspiration is Nature. Ever since I started photographing, I started realizing how beautiful the things that Nature gives us are. It’s wonderful. I travel a lot by car - usually it’s me driving - and I notice beautiful details that I would never notice if I didn’t photograph: the Alentejo plain, a glade, a forest, a lake filled with rain. Even the places I’ve visited as a child seem different - “photographable” as I usually say. When I go out to photograph, I don’t have anything in my mind. I allow the place I am in to drive me.
The female body also inspires me a lot. The delicacy, the soft skin, the subtlety, the harmony with which the environment finds itself - everything. The literature, the cinema and the music World also inspire me - but I am suspect, for I’ve always have had a creative mind and every day I get overwhelmed with something. I think that helps as well.
I have some artists that I truly admire, like Julia Trotti, Mariam Sitchinava, Eliot Lee Hazel, Emmanuel Rosario, Tina Sosna, portuguese Teresa Q, between many others. Next to them, I feel like a little girl, with so much to learn.

6. Have you ever had an experience in this World that left a positive or negative impact on you? Tell me a little bit about it.
As I told before, travelling. Getting to know different cultures is rewarding for everyone. Even travelling around Portugal can be a positive experience. I think it was one of the most positive experiences I have ever had. It’s one of the things that makes me fall in love with life every day - the possibility of travelling and getting to know places where I can have moment of pure bliss and happiness. That kind of happiness that makes your heart hurt, you know?
When it comes to negative experiences, the little mistakes we all make and end up learning from. Like everything in life, right?

7. What is, for you, photography (analogic, digital, etc.)?
For me, photography is more than a hobby: it’s a passion. When you do something you don’t like but then you have those little things that complete you and enlighten your soul, things that come out of your routine… Things that make you feel complete. I don’t know how to explain - that is what photography is for me. It gave me so much already, more than I could ever imagine. If you told me, ten years ago, that a camera and a couple films would make me feel these things, I wouldn't have believed you.

Visit Inês page to find out more about her beautiful work.

What is your favorite type of photography?

Always with love,