Five minutes with... Inês

Wanderlust... It translates into something that means a lot to me.
(Inês Almeida, 2014)

When the idea of having a blog was still struggling with finding coherence in my mind, I stumbled upon Inês' Facebook. She had just published some photos from her new work and, as always, I was amazed. So an idea crossed my mind: why not interview her? Ever since my love for analogue started to blossom, she has been one of the few people I look up for how capture the most beautiful moments.

The day I interviewed her, I had one of the most wonderful conversations about life's challenges and adventures. As I read her answers over and over again, I felt proud. Proud that I chose her to be the first person I have interviewed for Oh Kori.

Inês... It was a honour to interview you.