25 resolutions.

In the last hours of the remaining year of 2013, I did what I do in the end of every year: a summary. If you know me, you know how much I love doing summaries, for I believe they are one of the greatest ways to feel better about yourself and your achievements. So I sat down on my bed, grabbed a piece of paper and a pink pen - tradition - and I started rambling. Two pages and so many giggles later - "Getting a pat in the head from Yoda" - I had my 2013 summary finished. Thirty minutes before, I thought I wouldn't write half a page and, guess what? I had experienced more than I thought I had. So I finished my summary with one wish - "Please, 2014, make me happy!". And in those last few hours of 2013, I promised myself that I would do everything in my power to keep being happy - or happier, if possible - during the year 2014.

After finishing the pink summary, I grab my 'The Little Prince' notebook and I wrote down my resolutions. In my 22 years of experience in this planet, I think I made resolutions for the new year... Mmm, one time. This year, and because I really want/hope/wish it will be a wonderful year, I have forced myself to write down 25 resolutions that I hope I have achieved by the end of the year. Now I just need someone to force me to make them come true (I am kidding -- I am not).

I am 22 years old and I am lucky to say that I am healthy. However, I have a big sweet tooth and that is something that I am trying to change this year. My odds are good - according to my parents, when I was little, I didn't like chocolate, nor ice-cream nor any other drink but water. I have a chance to go back to this stage, for I don't like ice-cream nor any drink that is not water/tea/fruit juice. The chocolate is my biggest concern, but I am trying my best to avoid it. I am eating much healthier now, I am working out regularly and I don't drink alcohol nor smoke. I want to lose some weight, but above feeling thin, I want to feel comfortable with my own image.
In the topic of feeling comfortable with my own self - and within being healthy - I am also looking forward having a healthier mind. I will talk about that later.

I am a people's person. Even though I am going through a phase where I am basically an anti-social, I love to be around people and to make them happy. A smile is the best reward I can get from helping someone and my heart gets happier when I see someone happy. My hope this year is that I am able to fight this horrible-feeling of wanting to be alone and surround myself by other people. However, I am setting some boundaries - and I say this because I tend to give a lot of myself to people, even people I have just met. This, along with my amazing skill of creating the highest expectations in the World, makes me feel let down very easily when I see that a person is not putting as much 'effort' in our relationship as I do. This doesn't mean I am going to be mean to everyone I meet - it just means that I will try to put my mind above my heart in some situations. Also, and as I mentioned in the previous topic, I am wishing for a healthier mind this year. To accomplish that, I am getting rid off the negative people and energies around me. I must learn to let go those people who are not good for me - this is a very hard task, believe me. The emotions and the past experiences scream more than reason. This year I will put aside to fear to express my feelings. I am always scared of hurting people or saying 'no' and disappoint them. But I have figured out that for me to be happy and to develop healthy relationships with others, I have to say 'no' sometimes and that is, sometimes, the best thing to do. So, what I am really trying to say is... I am still going to give all of myself to my family - with whom I am trying to spend more time and with more quality - and to those I feel like deserve it. I won't be scared to speak my mind anymore and I will fight for the relations I know that will make me happy.

I love love love photography. If I could, I would have my bedroom walls filled with my favorite photos. I love taking pictures and I am setting the goal of capturing more moments this year. Either I am photographing people or random moments, I am planing to take a picture of something every day. And that is one of the themes for this blog - the photo challenge. Every month, I will pick my favourite fifteen pictures and I will share them with you. Here's to capturing moments!
Along with capturing moments is travelling. I would love to visit, at least, one of the many countries I have on my list, but when I first wrote 'travelling', I didn't only meant this... I consider 'travelling' finding new places and having new experiences - that goes from 'Visiting Italy' to 'Going to the street next to yours'.
If we think about it, photography and travelling fit so well together - the perfect job would consist in travelling, photographing and... Writing. Everyone know how much I love to write and I plan to focus a lot more on that - even if that means writing my dissertation (Hey! It's still writing). Maybe, alongside the thesis, I will be able to finish one of the many novels I have wandering around in my brain.

Overall, this is my main goal for the year 2014. Be a better person, love with all my heart, be happy and have fun. I know it won't be easy, but instead of listening to the monsters in my head, I will focus on the butterflies in my heart. And by the end of 2014, I will hopefully be a happier and better Catarina.

Author's note:
If you read all of this - Wow! Thank you SO much. I am a bit of a rambler, as you may have noticed. Anyway, thank you and I hope you have the best year yet!
Thank you for tuning in and I hope you stay with me in this trip of being a better person and becoming an adult. I love you and I hope to see you soon!